Monitor Arms

Tempo Monitor Arm
The next-generation Tempo™ 7700 Series Monitor Arm provides support for an industry-leading range of monitor weights and sizes.
Concerto Monitor Arm
The Concerto Monitor Arm was created to be ultra-adaptable. One-screen to eight-screen options, clamp, grommet, wall and slat wall mounting—anything is possible with the Concerto.
Xtend Monitor Arm
Strength and simplicity coexist quite comfortably with the Xtend Monitor Arm. With superior reach and range of counter-balance force, the single- and dual- screen Xtend Monitor Arms provide a quality solution at an economical price.
Presto Monitor Trim-Lift
The Presto Monitor Trim-Lift is a manually operated flat panel support that stores inside freestanding desks, workstations and cabinetry. When the monitor is not in use, it easily stores down into the desk to maximize desktop space.
Ergonomic Monitor Accessories
Whether you need to support an iPad, laptop or mount a document holder, we offer a range of ergonomic accessories to minimize neck, back and shoulder stress.