Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment

For your customers, access is everything

Installing, monitoring and maintaining today’s electronic equipment means providing secure, easy access to various components and assemblies for devices in these markets:

  • Medical dispensing carts
  • IT server racks
  • Automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • Copier and imaging machines

For a variety of electronic equipment installations, Knape & Vogt slides are ideal solutions, providing stability and sureness of motion, with a wide range of options for extension, detent and specialized environments. When your technology needs to move securely, Knape & Vogt can help. Our engineers will work with you to make sure that the customers who rely on your technology—and the technicians who keep it all running—can count on your systems to always be precisely where they’re needed.

Electronic Equipment OEM Design Guide
A design resource for electronic equipment developers
Select Market Solutions
New sliding systems for medical dispensing carts, IT server racks, ATMs, copiers, more
Electronic Equipment Slide Features
Features, descriptions for slides relevant to electronic equipment applications
3D CAD Downloads
3D CAD drawings for slides in relevant applications.