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The clean lines of today’s homes demand hard-working appliance designs that move, adjust, and respond like never before. Integrated appliances, concealed appliances, built-ins, slide-outs, and pull-downs provide the functionality that modern consumers expect in markets that include:

  • Home Refrigeration
  • Diswasher
  • Large Cooking Appliance
  • Fabric Care

For a resource that can help put your smartest designs in motion, get in touch with our engineering team by filling in the request form. They've been called “rescuers” and “miracle workers” by major appliance manufacturers who sought a reliable supplier of quality components along with a deep understanding of what it takes to make a great product that can sell at a price that makes sense.

Appliance OEM Design Guide
A design resource for appliance developers.
Select Appliance Solutions
New sliding systems for next gen freezers, dishwashers, more.
Appliance Slide Features
Features of slide systems relevant to major appliance applications.
3D CAD Downloads
3D CAD drawings for slides in relevant applications.